Clint Black: Still Goin

Clint Black isn’t slowing down

By Robert Price New Jersey Herald

Even though he’s built a career on it, killin’ time is not something Clint Black does. He remains one of the hardest workers in Nashville, some 30 years into a career that first bloomed with the album, “Killin’ Time,” in 1989.

Black returns to The Newton Theatre on Sunday as he continues to tour relentlessly in support of his latest album, “On Purpose” (Blacktop Records 2015). He first appeared in Newton in March 2016 for a sold-out show.

Indeed, Black, 55, attributes his longevity to his work ethic.

“I had set out to have a long career, but no one knows how long anything will last,” Black said. “I thought if I worked hard and stayed true to myself, I could be a part of the scene for the rest of my life. So far, it’s working.”

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