Celebrity Birthdays

Monday’s Birthday Cake

– Miranda Cosgrove: 25 (Actress, singer, and songwriter; her film debut came in 2003, when she appeared as Summer Hathaway in “School of Rock”)

– Amber Tamblyn: 35 (Actress and poet; first came to national attention in her role on the soap opera “General Hospital” as Emily Quartermaine)

– Dan Auerbach: 39 (Musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer; best known as the guitarist and vocalist for “The Black Keys”)

– Carla Jimenez: 44 (Television and film actress; most recently, Jimenez has appeared in the Netflix sitcom “Fuller House,” playing an adoption agent for Jesse and Becky)

– Shanice: 45 (Singer–songwriter, actress and dancer; she had the Billboard hit singles “I Love Your Smile” and “Silent Prayer” in 1991 and “Saving Forever for You” in 1993)

– Natalie Appleton: 45 (Canadian singer-songwriter and actress; member of the group “All Saints”)

– Gabriel Mann: 46 (Actor and model; known for his role as Nolan Ross on the ABC drama series “Revenge”)

– Sofia Coppola: 47 (Screenwriter, director, and producer; made her feature-length debut with the coming-of-age drama “The Virgin Suicides”)

– Danny Wood: 49 (American singer, songwriter, record producer, and occasional actor; also a member of the American boy band “New Kids on the Block”)

– Cate Blanchett: 49 (Australian actress and theatre director; has received international acclaim and many accolades for her work, including two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, three BAFTA Awards, six AACTA Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards)

– Mike Inez: 52 (American rock musician; best known for his role as the bassist of “Alice in Chains” since 1993)

– Fabrice Morvan: 52 (French singer-songwriter, dancer and model; he was half of the pop duo “Milli Vanilli,” with Rob Pilatus, selling multi-platinum albums around the world)

– Ian Astbury: 56 (English singer and songwriter; best known as a founding member and the lead vocalist for the rock band “The Cult”)

– Tim Roth: 57 (English actor and director; best known for his role as Mr. Orange in Quentin Tarantino’s breakout film “Reservoir Dogs”)

– David Byrne: 66 (Scottish-American musician; founding member, principal songwriter, and lead singer and guitarist of the American new wave band “Talking Heads”)

– Robert Zemeckis: 66 (American filmmaker frequently credited as an innovator in visual effects; director of “Forrest Gump”)

– Meg Foster: 71 (Actress who has had roles in the TV miniseries version of “The Scarlet Letter” and the films “Ticket to Heaven,” “The Osterman Weekend,” and “They Live”)

– Geroge Lucas: 74 (Filmmaker and entrepreneur; best known as the creator of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises, as well as the founder of “Lucasfilm” and “Industrial Light & Magic”)

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