Couillon Of The Day

Have you ever heard a story about somebody doing something that makes you say, “What were they thinking?”  Or maybe, they weren’t thinking at all…

Double J combs the headlines from around the world and comes up with the “Couillon of the Day.”  People do crazy things everyday, but some just deserve to be honored as the Couillon of the Day. 


A Father and His Adult Son Beat Up a Guy Over “Pokemon Go”

I didn’t realize Pokemon Go was this serious.  I’m glad I don’t play!

A 71-year-old guy named Robert Matteuzzi and his 31-year-old son Angelo were playing “Pokemon Go” at a park in Kirkwood, Missouri on Monday.  And they got into an argument with another guy who was playing when he accused them of cheating.  So the Matteuzzis ATTACKED.  Robert held him down while his son punched him a bunch of times . . . and apparently they didn’t realize someone else was taking a video of the entire thing.  (The video hasn’t been released.)

They’re both facing one count of third-degree assault.

(St. Louis Post Dispatch)


A Guy With a Gun Tattoo on His Forehead Is Busted For Weapons Possession

This guy may be in trouble for a lot of things, but false advertising definitely isn’t one of ’em.  A 24-year-old guy named Michael Vines crashed his Toyota Camry into a pole in Greenville, South Carolina on Saturday.  And Michael has a giant GUN tattoo on his forehead.  Well . . . Michael’s not allowed to have guns, because he’s a convicted felon.

But firefighters on the scene told the cops they might’ve seen Michael toss a gun into the grass.  So the police did a thorough search and found his loaded .38.  Michael was charged with illegal weapons possession, reckless driving, and driving with a suspended license.

(The Smoking Gun


A Guy Asked the Cops to Test His Meth and Make Sure It Was Real

A 49-year-old near Gainesville, Florida named Douglas Kelly bought some METH last week, and was worried his dealer might have sold him the synthetic drug flakka instead.  So this past Tuesday, he called his local police department, and asked them if they’d test it for him.  Obviously they said SURE, and told him to bring it right in.

So, he drove down to the precinct, showed up with a “clear, crystal-like substance” folded up in some aluminum foil . . . and promptly got arrested for felony possession of narcotics.

The cops did test it and it WAS meth.  So he could have avoided the whole thing if he wasn’t such a paranoid idiot.

(The Smoking Gun / Action Jax News)


Over 60% of Us Can’t Fix a Flat Tire and 41% Don’t Even Know Which Part Is the Engine?

That’s right, I’m pointing the finger at some of YOU for the Couillon of the Day today!

A new survey found 68% of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them.  And when people were asked whether they could handle relatively simple fixes like changing a tire . . . the answer for most was a resounding NOPE.

Here are six fixes, and how many of us feel “extremely confident” we could do them . . .

1.  Could you add windshield washer fluid to your car?  30% aren’t sure they could.

2.  Could you replace your windshield wipers?  52% don’t know if they could handle it.

3.  Could you jump start your car if the battery died?  53% don’t know if they could.

4.  Could you put a spare tire on?  61% aren’t sure.  One in five don’t even know how to use a gauge to check the tire pressure.

5.  Could you replace a blown fuse?  63% aren’t sure they could do it.

6.  Could you change your own oil?  67% said no.

Now here’s the craziest stat.  Researchers showed people different photos of car parts.  And 41% couldn’t even identify which part was the ENGINE.

(SWNS Digital)

rosaria deangelo

A Woman Robs a CVS With a Knife But Says It Was Just a “Social Experiment”

A 33-year-old woman named Rosaria DeAngelo went into a CVS in Pittston, Pennsylvania last week and stole a battery charger.  When an employee saw her, she pulled a KNIFE.  The cops came, and Rosaria told them they had it all wrong.  She wasn’t robbing the CVS at knifepoint . . . it was all just a, quote, “social experiment that went horribly wrong.”

As far as we know, Rosaria isn’t a scientist, a social psychologist, or even an aspiring YouTuber trying to make a prank show.  So the cops didn’t buy her excuse and she was arrested for felony robbery and misdemeanor assault, weapons possession, and theft.

(Penn Live


A Naked Burglar With a Rake Gets Beaten Up By a Guy With a Hammer

A 26-year-old guy named Maurice Castanedo broke into a house in New Port Richey, Florida around 6:00 P.M. on Friday night.  He was armed with a RAKE, he was drunk, and for whatever reason, he was NAKED.  He started swinging the rake at the guy inside until that guy grabbed a hammer and went on offense.

Maurice took off running, but the guy chased after him and he got in three good shots with the hammer before the cops came and arrested Maurice for burglary with aggravated battery.

Hammer trumps rake everytime!

(Tampa Bay Times

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