Franklin Kentucky Celebrates Johnny and June’s 50th

It has been said that you can have a festival for anything, I still think we could have a Potato Salad Festival somewhere. The town of Franklin, Kentucky put together a event this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Johnny and June Cash. Their 50th wedding anniversary would have been this past March. According to the Love in Bloom Festival’s Website:

“Franklin, Kentucky 
Johnny Cash and June Carter came to town on March 1, 1968 “in a fever” to marry and by the time they left that afternoon they were on the road to one of Country Music’s most enduring marriages.  Sadly, Johnny and June are no longer with us to celebrate their 50th anniversary but the community of Franklin plans to celebrate this milestone event in our town’s folklore.
The highlight of the festival will be a two-day outdoor concert in our historic downtown.  You can’t get more country than this venue – it’s one block from the courthouse, one block from the railroad, right in front of the sheriff’s office and the jail, and just two blocks from the church where Johnny and June married.”

The spontaneous marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter was recognized Friday by the Kentucky Historical Society, with June Carter’s daughter in attendance.