A Guy Went to Return Juice Because His Wife Saw It Cheaper at Another Store . . . and He Won a $315 Million Lottery Jackpot

Sometimes, it pays to be a couillon…

A 56-year-old guy named Tayeb Souami from Little Ferry, New Jersey went to the grocery store last month to return some orange juice because he’d bought it for $5, and his wife saw it on sale for $2.50 at a different store. But while he was waiting to return the juice, he noticed that the Powerball was up over $300 million, so he used the refund from the orange juice to buy a couple tickets.

And the next day, he won the $315.3 million jackpot.

He and his wife took the $183 million lump sum. And Tayeb says his plan is to quit his job, pay off his old student loans, and pay off his house. And, hopefully, not waste an hour of his life returning a bottle of orange juice to save two bucks.

(ABC News)