Burglar Breaks Into An Escape Room And Can’t Escape

40 year old Rye Wardlaw broke into a business in a strip mall in Vancouver, Washington last Saturday night.  That business happened to be the Northwest Escape Experience and the couillon couldn’t figure out how to escape!  Rye wound up calling 911 for help and he was arrested for second-degree burglary.


(FOX 12 – Portland)


Man Shot By His Own Booby Trap

A 69-year-old North Carolina man named Edwin Smith had recently been booby trapping his home similar to Kevin in the Home Alone movies.  Among
cod mugshot

They’re Still Eating Tide Pods

Well, the Tide Pod-eating trend may be over, but don’t tell that to 26-year-old Brandon McVay.  Despite being about 8-months behind the peak of