Woman Falls In Love With Cop That Arrested Her, Then Breaks Into Police Station

Back in May of last year, a police officer in West Wyoming, Pennsylvania arrested a 27-year-old woman named Ashley Keister.

cod mugshot 1-11
West Wyoming Police Department


And apparently, she fell insanely in love with him as a result.  She had been sending him pictures and messages on social media, sending messages to the station, and even calling 911 to try to talk to him ever since.

This past weekend, the police chief finally told her she had to stop.  So early on Monday morning, she used a garbage can to SMASH through the doors to the police station and go through the file cabinets . . . apparently looking for more info about that one special cop.

And when other cops tried to arrest her, she tried to fight them.  She was arrested for aggravated assault, harassment, and criminal mischief.