A Company is Selling Used Tissues

A company is selling $80 boxes of used tissues to 'help you prepare' for the flu.

Pseudoscience appears to be at an all-time high, despite all the progress humans have made over thousands of years.  Last week, we informed you about a misguided trend of people drinking their own urine.  Now, a company named Vaev is selling boxes of used tissues... that's right, someone has already blown their nose in them.

The company claims that using these tissues helps build up your immune system to get you ready for flu season or lets you decide when you're going to intentionally give yourself the flu to get it out of the way.  Really, that's part of their marketing message.  Multiple doctors have discredited the idea, including one from Akron, Ohio who said,

"That's bizarre.  This seems like a total waste of money."



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