Disney’s Streaming Service Will Include the Entire Disney Library

Disney is apparently getting rid of “the vault.”  The CEO says their streaming service, Disney Plus will include, quote, “the entire Disney motion picture library,” so everything will be available at once.

By: Alan Levine

Disney is notorious for stashing popular titles in “the vault” and temporarily taking them out of home video production.  That way they can re-release them, and cash in on all that newly-manufactured demand.

Which is why when you try to find some DVDs and Blu-rays, they’re out of print and are going for big prices online.

Now, that might be changing.  Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus, is launching later this year, and CEO Bob Iger said it’ll include, quote, “the entire Disney motion picture library.”

Iger added, quote, “So the movies that . . . traditionally have been kept in a ‘vault,’ and brought out basically every few years will be on the service.”  No release date for Disney Plus has been announced.

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