Sean Payton Comments On Dallas Cowboys Coaching Rumor

Sean Payton spent some time with Bobby Hebert and Kristian Garic on WWL Radio, they talked about the “No Call” along with the Dallas coaching rumors.

The topic of Payton being a constant part of the rumor mill also came up.  Dallas head coach Jason Garrett is entering the final year and hasn’t been able to lead the Cowboys to the success owner Jerry Jones expects.  Naturally, that means Sean Payton is a prime candidate to take over, since he has a history in Dallas.  Payton was an assistant there from 2003 to 2005, before becoming head coach in New Orleans.

“I’m in my 13th year, I don’t know how to even answer it,” Payton said about the speculation. “I feel like it’s every other year.  It’s on the odd number years, so 2019 it comes up and we’ll hear it in 2021.”

The Cajun Cannon kept prying and jokingly said, if Payton wins another Super Bowl in New Orleans, he could command $20 million a year from Dallas, but knows Sean would like to remain with the Saints.

“That’s clearly the plan,” Payton jumped in quickly. “I’ve got fleur-de-lis tattoos that can’t be erased.”

Listen to the interview from WWL Radio

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