Waking Up To Music Gets You Out Of Bed Faster

According to a new Australian study, when you wake up to music instead of an alarm, it can get you out of bed faster, and could help you feel more alert.

What do you use to wake up in the morning? Your phone alarm, an am/fm clock radio, old school alarm clock, or the Big 102.1 app? (we’ll get to that later)

Researchers found this data to be true, especially if you wake up to songs that have catchy, upbeat melodies.  The songs used in their test, Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” and ‘Close To Me” by The Cure.

The study found that the melodies in music do a better job holding your attention than alarm, which in turn gets your brain going!

HELPFUL HINT: We talked about this story inside The BIG Morning Show today, and mentioned the ‘alarm’ feature on our Big 102.1 app. You can download our app for FREE in the App Store or Google Play. Once it’s on your iPhone or Android, look for the alarm icon on the bottom of your screen, and set your alarm for 6am to wake up inside The BIG Morning Show!

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