Army Corps of Engineers and St. Martin Parish Hopeful Opening of the Spillway Will Have Minimal Impact in Butte La Rose

The Morganza Spillway is set to open on Sunday, and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers held a public meeting to inform residents of Butte La Rose what to expect.

Butte La Rose resident Bud Cantrelle said “You realize the possibility is that you are buying in a flood zone.”  “They’re gonna use this as a flood plain and that’s part of the deal when you buy the property. Again the part of the price you pay to live in sports paradise.” he continued.

The Corps told the crowd it could take four to five days after the Morganza Spillway for additional water to reach Butte La Rose.

Parish President Chester Cedars added the Atchafalaya River is expected to crest at 22.5 ft. by June 18th.

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