Comic Book Thieves Busted When They Try to Sell Back to Owner

A couple of thieves cut the lock of a storage unit in St. Louis and stole a collection of about 3,000 comics.  Trying to make some money off the collection, they got in contact with a local comic book store.

comic collector with man dressed as superman
Martin Casas /

A point apparently lost on the thieves is that a serious collector with that many books is going to put the word out… and there’s also a chance that they may be such a serious collector that they own their own comic book store.


As it would turn out, the comic books belonged to Martin Casas, the owner of Apotheosis Comics & Lounge.  He had been renovating his house and had the comics temporarily stored in a storage unit.


When the couple returned to the store to collect their money, the police were there waiting for them.  Police also found other things related to more storage unit thefts.