How to Go to “Glow in the Cro,” Carencro’s Hot-Air Balloon Festival

The inaugural Glow in the Cro” Balloon Festival is Friday, August 30th and Saturday, August 31st in Carencro’s Pelican Park.  The event will feature hot-air balloon rides, carnival rides, and a great lineup of live music!

map of carencros pelican park

If you’re planning on attending, officials are advising specific routes to ease traffic congestion.


Officials advise taking Veterans/Hector Connolly Exit Carencro to University to Prejean to enter Carencro’s Pelican ParkUniversity North is going to cause backups and serious concerns with a left turn onto Prejean.

map route to pelican park

Enjoy the event!  Carencro Police advise you to be safe!