Tom Brady Walked into the Wrong House in Tampa

The follies continue for “The Golden Boy”…


Recently, Tom Brady got kicked out of a Tampa park because he was trying to practice there while it was supposed to be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  And now, a story has come out that Brady entered the wrong house in Tampa while trying to attend a meeting with Buccanneers Offensive Coordinator, Byron Leftwich.


The owner of the ‘wrong house’, David Kramer told the story to TMZ.

“I literally was just sitting here and I watch this tall guy just walk into my house.  He didn’t even look at me.  He just like dropped his duffel bags down on the floor and just kind of like looked up at me and I’ll never forget the look on his face.  He just goes, ‘Am I in the wrong house?!'” – Kramer


Tom Brady tweeted about the incident… and he’s still trying to make “Tompa Bay” happen.




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