Ryan Foret’s Tee Nah Nah On Verge of Reaching a Million Views

Seeing over a million views on a video from a Louisiana Artist is quite a treat!


Ryan Foret’s version of “Tee Nah Nah” that was posted to YouTube in 2007 by Donna Lynn Langlinais is on the cusp of accomplishing that feat. While those that do music research are accustomed to seeing millions of views on Youtube videos from a worldwide major artist, this is quite a feather in Foret’s hat. Don’t fall “in love with a married woman,” but we have fallen in love with “Tee Nah Nah”.



The legendary Buckwheat Zydeco wrote the song and originally recorded it and, in 2007, Ryan Foret recorded the song with his brother Brandon on Saxophone. The song has become Ryan’s signature song in the last thirteen years.




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