UL Confirms 2 Students with COVID-19 Shared On-Campus Apartment

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette says two students have been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus.


According to the university, both students shared an on-campus apartment.  When the diagnoses were made, the university says its Student Affairs Response Team activated protocols to offer student care and protect the health and safety of the campus as a whole.  During the protocol, affected students are to remain quarantined in their rooms at all times.  Three meals will be delivered to the students’ doors each day.


The protocols require affected students to:

  • remain in their rooms at all times for a minimum 14-day isolation period;

  • monitor symptoms, and contact Student Health Services if their symptoms worsen; and

  • continue to practice good personal hygiene and keep their surroundings clean.


The university says one of the students has moved off campus while the other will stay in isolation for 14 days.  No visitors will be allowed in an on-campus residence where a student was isolated until it is professionally cleaned.



University confirms two COVID-19 cases

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