LCG Encourages Residents to Sign Up for “Connect Lafayette Alert System”

Connect Lafayette Alert System


With the National Weather Service predicting an above average hurricane season, and Tropical Storm Cristobal expected to make landfall this weekend, citizens are encouraged to sign up for alerts through Connect Lafayette. This service will share important information and updates from Lafayette Consolidated Government. “Lafayette Consolidated Government is using tools, such as Connect Lafayette to ensure our citizens receive necessary information to stay safe, especially during times of emergency,” explained Chief Communications Officer Jamie Angelle.


Alerts include both emergency and non-emergency announcements specific to areas where residents live, such as sandbag information, road closures, construction, public works projects, special events and more.


Lafayette Parish residents can sign up for phone, text, TTY and email notification alerts through Connect Lafayette. When registering, citizens can specify the type of alerts they want to receive. People who live outside Lafayette Parish, but work in the parish can opt-in to receive alerts as well.


Residents do not have to sign up for emergency alerts, such as state of emergency proclamations, hurricane evacuations and other emergencies; all residents within the parish automatically receive this type of essential and time-sensitive information.


Residents and those who work in Lafayette Parish can sign up at


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