Ville Platte Closes Ballpark After Child Tests Positive for Coronavirus

The Evangeline Ville Platte Recreation District has announced the closure of ballparks for the remainder of both boys’ and girls’ seasons.


The closure comes after a child that participated in a game tested positive for COVID-19 after coming into contact with a family member that did not attend the ballpark.  The only reported symptom the child has is a mild stomach ache.  Despite following the guidelines issued by the state government in reopening, the city determined it was in the public health’s best interest to close the ballpark.


“June 12, 2020


Happy Friday to each one of you! The purpose of this message is to inform everyone that, on Thursday, June 11th, a participant in one of the REC leagues has tested positive for COVID-19.


The child participated in one game this season, on Tuesday, June 9th, two days prior to the positive test. The source of the infection has been traced to a family member who has not come to the ballpark.


The parents had the child tested not due to symptoms, but due to the child having spent time with an extended family member the weekend of June 6th who tested positive on Wednesday, June 10th. The only symptom displayed by the child has been a mild stomachache.


We wanted everyone to know not to create concern, but to inform each parent of the situation. Our goal is to protect the children and fans by providing complete transparency. At this time, none of the child’s teammates or coaches have displayed any symptoms of the virus. Further, we also have firsthand knowledge that the teams in the child’s only game did not participate in any post game handshakes per league protocol.


We want to reiterate that the protocols put in place by the leagues and REC District follow Governor John Bel Edwards’ guidelines and were approved by the State Fire Marshall.


Again, there is no evidence at this time that the child has spread the virus to anyone else at the ballpark, likely due to the beforementioned protocols. Additionally, the child’s symptoms are minor, and the child’s contraction of the virus was due to contact with an extended family member outside the ballpark and leagues.


However, due to public health concerns, the City has determined it is in the best health interest of the public to close the ballpark for the remainder of the scheduled season for both the boys and girls’ leagues.


The Mayor wants everyone to know that free testing is available for anyone on Thursday, June 18th from 10:00AM – 11:00AM, Annie Mae’s Apartments located at 1020 N. Reed Street, and from 11:00AM – 12:00 noon, Olenes “Pop” Vidrine Gardens Apartments located at 1110 North Chataignier Street. Thank you and have a great day!”



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