SkyBridge in Gatlinburg Closed After Glass Panel Cracks

According to Gatlinburg SkyLift Park, the suspension SkyBridge closed after it suffered a crack in the upper layer of one of the bridge’s glass panels.


The SkyBridge is a 680-foot suspension bridge, the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the United States.  In a press release from the park on Monday, it was revealed that a tourist was responsible for causing the crack in the glass.

“A guest opting to not comply with posted rules of “no running, jumping, or bouncing” on the bridge, attempted a baseball-style slide across the glass and upon impact, a metal object on the guest’s clothing chipped the glass, resulting in noticeable cracks in the protective top layer of one glass panel.”


According to the park, the structural glass is three-ply for extra protection.  No injuries occurred and the park says guests were not in any danger.  The bridge was repaired and resumed normal operations on Tuesday.