Louisiana EBT Cards Will Not Work for a Short Time This Weekend

The Department of Children & Family Services has announced that all P-EBT and Louisiana Purchase (SNAP, FITAP & KCSP) EBT cards will not work for a temporary time this weekend.


The issue is due to a change in EBT card vendors.  The downtime will take place between the hours of 11 pm Saturday, June 20 to approximately 8 am Sunday, June 21.


From the Department of Children & Family Services:


  • During the hours of 11pm Saturday (June 20) to approximately 8am Sunday (June 21), all P-EBT and Louisiana Purchase (SNAP, FITAP & KCSP) EBT cards will NOT work. Remember that Sunday is Father’s Day, so if you’re planning a nice Father’s Day meal, get your grocery shopping done before Saturday evening.

  • If you call the EBT customer service number (1-888-997-1117) during the changeover, there may be differences in the way the IVR automated system works. Pay attention to the prompts and simply follow directions to access your account information.

  • After the changeover, everything about your card will work exactly the same. You will still use the same EBT card. You can still shop at the same EBT-accepting stores. You can still access information about your card, including your current balance, by calling the same toll-free number (1-888-997-1117). And your SNAP, FITAP & KCSP benefits will continue to be loaded onto your card on your same regular issuance date each month.


More info:  http://www.dcfs.la.gov/page/electronic-benefits-transfer-ebt


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