Police Bust Porsche Towing Hot Tub with Homemade Wooden Cart

Woodstock Police in Canada say a driver has been charged after attempting to pull a hot tub with a homemade wooden cart attached to a Porsche.


Seriously?  Look at this thing…

Woodstock Police Service – @woodstockpolice / Facebook.com


Police say they received several calls of a vehicle pulling a hot tub down the road and photos of the incident made their way around social media.  According to police, the 54-year-old driver was charged with Careless Driving.


“***Unsafe load leads to charge of Careless Driving***

Woodstock, ON – On Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at approximately 1:30 pm., the Woodstock Police uniform patrol and the Traffic unit responded to the area of Dundas Street, W., in the area of the 11th Line after receiving calls in relation to a vehicle pulling a hot tub down the road.

Police responded to the area and located a Porsche pulling a hot tub with a homemade cart. The 54-year-old male driver was charged with Careless Driving.

Police want to remind drivers of their responsibility to ensure that any load they are towing is done safely. Constable D’Annibale of the Woodstock Police Traffic unit states, “All drivers on the roads should have a safe environment when travelling. Towing items such as trailers with larger items have the potential to cause a dangerous situation for everyone using the roadway”. The Highway Traffic Act and the Ministry of Transportation provide specifications and requirements when carrying a load safely. “Had this hot tub became unattached from the homemade trailer that it was being towed on, would have caused serious damage and injury to anyone in its path”.

Before towing a trailer, the driver must:
· Ensure the trailer is registered
· Make sure the trailer is in good condition
· Requires strong brakes to stop and hold the trailer
· Must have proper lights
· Must have two separate ways of attaching the trailer to your vehicle
· Need to use a good trailer hitch
· Carry a safe load that is balanced evenly”



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