Burglar Gets Stuck in Window, Calls Fire Department for Help

A burglar in England was recently busted when he got stuck in a window and had to be rescued.


The bumbling burglar is 53-year-old Fred Moulton.  Moulton allegedly broke into an empty apartment building last Wednesday but didn’t find anything to steal because it was being remodeled.


His luck got even worse when his foot got stuck in the window while he attempted to leave.  Moulton ended up dangling upside down outside of the building.  He called the fire department to rescue him.


The firefighters said it was obvious that he was trying to break into the apartment, so the police were called and drugs were found on his person.  He’s pleaded guilty to burglary possession of a Class B drug.  Moulton has been sentenced to 18-months probation and rehab.