Ashton Dupre’ Releases New Song

Evangeline Parish native Ashton Dupre’ has been busy as a paramedic during the quarantine.   When we checked in with him back in May, he told us:


“I can’t complain, my family and I have all been healthy through it all.”


He said he was ready for things to open back up so he could start playing music again.   Ashton eventually went into the studio and recorded a tune that was written by Mike Dean.


“The Bottle Goes Down” has been a staple of Mike Dean’s stage show for many years.  Ashton chose to produce a more polished arrangement of music in contrast to the stripped-down version that Mike released.  The result is a bonafide take on an Acadiana standard.


Seth Storer lends vocals on the cut that is now available at all the usual outlets.



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