Plan to Reopen Louisiana Schools Released

The plan to reopen Louisiana schools in the fall after the coronavirus outbreak has been released.


The plan is for both public and non-public schools and was developed in a collaboration with experts on the virus and public health officials according to the State Superintendent, Dr. Cade Brumley.


Adults and students 3rd grade and higher should wear face coverings to the maximum extent possible and children older than two still may wear face coverings.  The face coverings should be worn in all areas of the school, arrival, dismissal, and any transition within the school building.  Individuals with severe breathing difficulties are not required to wear face coverings.


In Phase 2, class sizes and groups will be limited to 25, which includes adults.  In Phase 3, it will be lifted to 50.


No contact and high-risk sports are permitted under Phase 2.  These sports will be allowed under Phase 3 within defined groups.


Schools will also promote social distancing, monitor students and staff for symptoms, and practice frequent cleaning and handwashing.



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