Sister Set Up Father to be Robbed, Brother Unexpectedly Catches the Thief Hitchhiking

OK, we’ll do our best to explain this wacky and somewhat confusing story…


81-year-old Dennis Paul Stiffey was allegedly attacked and robbed by 41-year-old Lawrence McLaughlin and 44-year-old Maurice Terrell Patterson.  Stiffey was allegedly robbed inside his home when McLaughlin and Patterson put duct tape on his legs and hands and a pillowcase on his head.


The robbery was apparently plotted by Stiffey’s own daughter Michelle who  is also Maurice Patterson’s girlfriend.

“If she’d asked, I’d given her money if she needed it. She says ‘dad I need a couple hundred,’ I’d have given it to her,” says Dennis Stiffey


The other robber, McLaughlin hitchhiked after the robbery, where he began bragging to the driver about a party he was at where he robbed a guy for $1,900.  The driver happened to be Stiffey’s son, Ken Stiffey!



Ken knew that his dad had been robbed, so he immediately called police after dropping off McLaughlin.


Both robbers have been arrested.  Michelle Stiffey has also been arrested and is free on bond.  All three are facing charges including robbery, assault, and conspiracy.