Drunk Man Crashes His Truck, His Drunk Friend Picks Him Up and Crashes Her Car

Well, it’s easy to see how these two are friends…


The Coweta County Sheriff’s office says two people have been arrested on DUI charges after they both crashed their vehicles on the same road. 


38-year-old Frederick Anthony Turner was allegedly drinking and driving when he crashed and rolled his pickup truck.  Firefighters, concerned for Turner’s safety, tried to find him in the woods with thermal imaging cameras, but he wasn’t there.


Apparently, Turner’s friend, 22-year-old Jesse Caroline Walker, gave him a tried.  According to police, Walker was also drunk and had trouble navigating the curvy road and drove her vehicle into a ditch where it got stuck.  Police discovered the two with a cooler and cold beer that they believe Turner brought over from his truck.


Walker failed her sobriety test and they were both arrested.



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