New Fragrance Smells Like Outer Space

There’s a new fragrance named Eau De Space that’s literally supposed to smell like outer space.


To help astronauts prepare for their mission, NASA developed the fragrance to get the astronauts used to the particular odor.  And, while they really can’t smell it much while in their spacesuits, astronauts say the smell lingers when they take them off.

“It is hard to describe this smell; it is definitely not the olfactory equivalent to describing the palette sensations of some new food as ‘tastes like chicken.’ The best description I can come up with is metallic; a rather pleasant sweet metallic sensation. It reminded me of my college summers where I labored for many hours with an arc welding torch repairing heavy equipment for a small logging outfit. It reminded me of pleasant sweet smelling welding fumes. That is the smell of space.” – astronaut Don Pettit


The company that made the fragrance for NASA has launched a Kickstarter where you can buy a bottle of the scent for $29.



So, what does it smell like?  A mix of “gunpowder, seared steak, raspberries, and rum.”