Guy Steals Firetruck and Drives it to Bar

A 22-year-old guy in Bristol Bay Borough, Alaska allegedly used a piece of lumber to break into a fire station on Saturday and stole a fire truck.  No one was there.  So he jumped in one of the trucks, crashed it through a garage door, and drove off.


According to the police, after he stole the truck, he turned on the emergency lights and drove straight to a bar.  Later, cops showed up and arrested him.


And apparently, he’s done this before.  Back in 2017, he was arrested for stealing a vehicle from another fire station.  That time it was a pickup truck.


He’s facing charges for burglary, vehicle theft, and criminal mischief.  Plus a charge for violating his release after a DUI he got a few weeks back.  Someone who claims he’s innocent started a GoFundMe page to bail him out, but last we checked, no one had donated.