WATCH: Alvin Kamara’s Insane Training Just Hit Another Level

New Orleans Saints Runningback, Alvin Kamara has had several training videos go viral and this new one is on another level.


Since taking the NFL by surprise in 2017, Kamara has also captivated the internet with creative and balance and hand-eye coordination drills designed by Dr. Sharif Tabbah.  Tabbah is the cofounder of Athletix Rehab and Recovery in South Florida and there’s no doubt that his uniquely difficult drills have helped the superstar running back be successful on the gridiron.


One of the more famous videos featured Alvin Kamara balancing on a ball and catching an object with color-coded handles while Tabbah called out the color with the object in mid-air.


In the latest video posted by “Dr Reef” on Twitter, Tabbah said,

““There’s no way to make it harder than standing on a ball catching those colors”…. well I think we found a way”


Not only is Kamara balancing and catching the proper colored handle, but he’s also throwing and catching tennis balls! Check out this insane video!



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