Cam Jordan Takes a Jab at Falcons Fans

New Orleans Saints Defensive End Cam Jordan is talking smack once again.


At an event on Thursday, Jordan announced a $25,000 donation to buy computers for disadvantaged youth.  When answering questions, he couldn’t help but take a jab at Saints’ longtime rival, the Atlanta Falcons.


Cam Jordan spoke of what it would be like playing in front of a much smaller crowd in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“That Dome-field advantage is real.  When Who Dat Nation fills in that entire stadium, those are chills right there – that’s the advantage you feel.  That’s the energy you feel knowing that the whole city is riding with you.  Now we’re just going to know that everyone is tuned in on TV, I guess?  I don’t know.  To have to treat a home game like an away game?  Awkward.”


It’ll be like playing in Atlanta or something,” Jordan said.


The NFL has yet to make an official decision on how many fans will be allowed in stadiums.



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