Natalie Mains: ‘Today, I Might Actually Make Out with George Bush’

The Chicks singer, Natalie Mains is being vocal about the President of the United States once again.


17-years-ago, when The Chicks were known as The Dixie Chicks, singer Natalie Maines spoke out against President George W. Bush and the decision to invade Iraq.

“Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence. And we’re ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas.” – Maines


The backlash caused thousands of calls to country radio stations for The Dixie Chicks’ music to be pulled from the playlists as well as a boycott on their new album and an upcoming tour.  A few years later, the band took a 14-year hiatus.


On tonight’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Maines makes another controversial comment.  The singer reiterated that she still disagrees with the decision to invade Iraq, but says President Donald Trump puts things in a different perspective for her – so much that she would now make out with President George Bush.

 “Today, I might actually make out with George Bush . . . yes, I would.”


Maines appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” will air tonight on Bravo at 10:15 ET.



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