Flexibility for Government to Use CARES Funds Included in the Senate’s Coronavirus Relief Package

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy’s bill to give states the flexibility in using CARES funds will be included in the next coronavirus package.


According to a release from Senator John Kennedy, the Coronavirus Relief Fund Flexibility for State and Local Government Act has been included in the Senate’s coronavirus relief package.  The bill aims to give state and local governments flexibility as they use funds from the CARES Act by allowing the use of funds for operating expenses unrelated to the coronavirus.

“For months, state and local governments have been working under the weight of an incredible health crisis. Giving those governments the flexibility to help their communities weather this pandemic—by using money they already have—is a no-brainer. I’m glad to see this commonsense provision in the Senate’s relief package,” said Kennedy.


The flexibility does not allow for officials to spend the funds on shoring up their pension funds.


The CARES Act established the $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Funds, which has provided payments to state, local, and tribal governments to help them respond to the coronavirus pandemic.


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