LSU Athletics: Venues Going Cashless in 2020

LSU Athletics has announced that all athletic facilities will go cashless in the fall of 2020.


LSU Athletics says the move to cashless operations is designed to minimize points of contact for fans and improve the speed of service.  Athletic facilities will only accept credit cards and mobile payments for merchandise and concessions beginning in the fall.

“This is all about improving the fan experience and safety at our venues,” said Robert Munson, senior associate athletic director. “Reducing contact points when making transactions is a key component of that and will allow our fans to purchase concessions and merchandise with a heightened level of comfort.”


LSU Athletics also recently announced a move to mobile tickets for football cames in order to reduce contact points at Tiger Stadium.


Fans at LSU athletic events will be able to purchase concessions and merchandise using one of four payment types:

  • All major credit cards

  • Apple Pay

  • Android Pay

  • Tiger Cash (concessions only)


The university is also working towards a solution with a prepaid card purchase option.



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