Frank Wittenberg Named New PARC Director in Carencro

Frank Wittenberg is the new Park Director for the City of Carencro.


Earlier this year, longtime Carencro PARC Director Jim Thibodeaux announced that he will be retiring in November. After submitting his retirement as the Interim Director for  Lafayette Parks and Recreation and LCG, longtime Gerald Boudreaux lieutenant, Frank Wittenberg was offered and accepted the position according to a Facebook post of the Carencro Government Facebook page.



Gerald Boudreaux resigned earlier this year as LCG Parks and Recreation’s budget was being cut. Boudreaux also serves the Carencro area as State Senator and Mayor Glenn Brasseaux had conveyed Boudreaux’s offer of help to Carencro PARC as they navigate the transition to a new director.


The Carencro City Council also voted in July to have Mayor Brasseaux renegotiate the PARC contract, a move that will most likely give the city more autonomy over PARC than before and transition the PARC commission to being more of an advisory board.



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