VIDEO: Man is Ashamed of Unkempt Area in Ville Platte

A man who used to live in Ville Platte, Louisiana revisited the street he grew up on and says he’s ashamed of the shape that it’s in.


Wayne Meyer shared a video on Facebook showing his disappointment in the unkempt properties on Derouen Street.

“And they have ordinances against this mess, but they not pushing nothing.” – Meyer


Meyer, who now lives in Easton, said he grew up in the area and wanted to show his son where he used to live, but the overgrown grass and boarded up housing left him ashamed.

“This is in town, now.  This looks like the woods!” – Meyer


Watch Meyer’s video below:


What a garbage dump

Posted by Wayne Meyer on Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Commenters on the video have shared Meyer’s opinion.

“You are so wright Wayne. It is far from the place we grew up in.” – Wade Riley


“As a homeowner here, I cannot agree with this video more. Please share this to the tv so maybe vidrine might get embarrassed and DO SOMETHING. THIS TOWN IS (edit). YOU CALL THE POLICE THEY DO NOTHING. u call animal control, nothing. These officials should be ashamed to call themselves leaders.” – Heather Lynn Credeur


“This is just one street. You can go on any street in Ville Platte and see this. It’s not a town anymore it’s just a dump – Melanie Soileau


We reached out to Wayne Meyer for comment, but he did not immediately respond.



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