Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade TV Only

For the millions of people who attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade every Thanksgiving, it is a real bummer. There will be no actual parade this year.


Macy’s and the City Of New York announced on Monday that the annual parade will be reimagined safely for a national TV audience. Some of the restrictions that will be in place this year are reducing the overall number of participants by seventy-five percent, social distancing during performances and a requirement of face coverings, the traditional two and a half mile route will not be utilized, no participants under the age of eighteen, High School and College Bands will be deferred to 2021, The signature giant character balloons will be anchored by specially rigged anchor vehicles.


New York Mayor Bil de Blasio says:


“New York City is always proud to join Macy’s to ring in the holiday season with New Yorkers and viewers around the world.”



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