Mosquito Spraying in Lafayette Increases After Hurricane Delta

Mosquito spraying in Lafayette has increased after Hurricane Delta.


With the influx of mosquitos after the hurricane, officials have increased their efforts and strategically spraying areas where populations have increased.  Extra attention is being paid to schools and areas that remain without power or experienced heavy damage.


From Lafayette Consolidated Government:


Lafayette Consolidated Government’s mosquito abatement contractor, Mosquito Control Services (MCS), has increased spraying following Hurricane Delta to combat increasing mosquito populations. Additional staff and equipment from neighboring parishes are helping to cover more ground in the parish, concentrating in areas where populations are high.


Surveillance inspectors have been locating where adult and immature mosquito populations have increased, then directing daytime and nighttime spraying to those areas. Extra attention is being paid to schools and areas in Lafayette Parish that remain without power or that have experienced heavy damage.


Delta’s heavy rains combined with the mosquito’s lifecycle – period from egg to adult – will cause an emergency of adult mosquitos seven to ten days after the storm. Weather conditions can extend this time period. MCS will continue increased truck spraying and other methods to control the population. The encephalitis surveillance program is continuing to monitor for the occurrence of mosquito-borne disease.


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