Good Hearted Woman Hits Number One In 1976

Waylon Jennings & Willie Nelson shared the top spot on the Billboard country chart with “Good Hearted Woman” on this date in 1976. Waylon Jennings was inspired to start writing the song by an advertisement for Tina Turner, referring to Turner as a “good-hearted woman loving two-timing men.” Waylon joined Willie Nelson in a poker game, and the two expanded on the song with the help of Nelson’s wife, Connie Koepke was writing them down.


Waylon would first record the song in 1972 as the title track of his album, the song would peak at number three on the country chart, but it was in 1976 when Waylon remixed the song and added vocals by Willie Nelson on the groundbreaking album “Outlaws” that the song would take its place in Country music history.


The song won the Single of the Year award in the 1976 Country Music Association Awards and was a catalyst for Jennings and Nelson to reach mainstream audiences.


The song has been covered many times in country music and has been performed even more. In 2005 Guy Clark would include the song on a 2005 tribute to Waylon.


Mel Street also recorded the song in 1972,


Leann Rimes included it on her 2011 album “Ladies and Gentleman”


The inspiration for the song Tina Turner gave it the Tina Treatment on her “Soul Deep” album.


George Jones, Travis Tritt, and Marty Stuart has performed the song on the telecast, but one of the most memorable had to be when Hank Williams Jr. and Jessi Colter teamed for a duet at a Waylon Tribute.


Waylon wrote in his biography about Jessi helping him get off of cocaine.

“There wasn’t anything she could do but wait, pray in her fashion, and let me know that she was holding fast, right by my side. I couldn’t have done it without Jessi.”

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