Golden Globes Ratings Sharply Decline, Lost 64% of Viewers

The ratings for this year’s Golden Globes Awards are out and they’re not very good. 


Despite the hype and a plethora of media coverage, Nielsen reports 6.9 million viewers watched Sunday night.  That number is down 64% from last year, making it the least-watched show in its history.


The only show that had worse ratings was when NBC showed a news conference announcing the winners due to a writer’s strike.  This year’s show got a 1.5 rating for people under 50 which makes for a 68% decline from last year.  Still, The Golden Globes did do better than last year’s Emmys.


Outlets like the Daily Press blame a lack of buzz for films due to theaters being closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, The Academy Awards also reached a record low number of viewers in 2020 and that was pre-lockdown.




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