Southwest Airlines Continues to Cancel Flights, Expects Exponential Improvement by the Hour

Facing the 5th day of cancelations, Southwest Airlines says it expects to see exponential improvement by the hour.


On Tuesday, the company had canceled 87 flights before noon E.T. and approximately 370 flights have been delayed according to FlightAware, a flight tracking software.


The airline began canceling over 2,000 flights over the weekend.  Disruptions began to ease on Monday, but over 1,000 flights were either canceled or delayed.  The company says it experienced weather challenges in Florida at the beginning of the weekend, compounded by air traffic control issues, which triggered the delays.

“To recap the weekend cancellations, the bad weather and ATC issues in Florida, a large operation for us, on Friday night created significant flight disruptions throughout our network and we spent the weekend working to recover from the high number of displaced Crews and aircraft,” the carrier told FOX Business


The disruptions began shortly after the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, representing 9,000 pilots, asked a federal court on Friday to block the airline’s order that all employees get vaccinated. The union argued that Southwest must negotiate over the issue because it could involve sick leave or disability if pilots have a reaction to the vaccine.


However, the airline denies that the issue had any connection to the delays.



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