3 Central Indiana Cities Rank Among Most Dangerous in America

Central Indiana has recently garnered attention for being home to some of the most dangerous cities in America. According to a new report, three cities in this region have been highlighted for their concerning crime rates, placing them among the top in terms of safety concerns. Let’s delve into the details of these cities and the implications of this ranking.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Central Indiana

1. South Bend

South Bend, located in Saint Joseph County, is considered the most dangerous city in Indiana. It’s the fourth largest city in the state. The violent crime rate is 14.46 per 1000 residents, almost five times higher than the state average. Additionally, the property crime rate is 33.79 per 1000, more than double the state average.

2. Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana’s biggest city, grapples with high crime rates, notably exceeding the state average. Incidents of violence occur at a rate surpassing double that of the state average, while property crimes happen at a rate exceeding 35 incidents per 1000.

The city’s crime rate per mile is almost five times higher than the state average. Certain areas within the city, including Bos, Haughville, W 29th, and Concord, are advisable to avoid due to elevated crime levels.

3. Evansville

Evansville, located in Vanderburgh County, is Indiana’s third-largest city. Its violent crime rate is 7.44 per 1000 residents, and the property crime rate is 36.71 per 1000 residents, both higher than the national average. Residents of Evansville are at a risk five times higher than the state average in terms of crimes per square mile.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Address the Crime Rates in These Cities

To address the crime rates in the cities of Indianapolis, South Bend, and Evansville, various measures and strategies have been implemented:

1. Indianapolis:

– The city has adopted a $150 million violence reduction strategy, which has led to a 31% reduction in criminal homicides and a 20% reduction in non-fatal shootings over the first two years of its implementation.

– Indianapolis has focused on increasing access to mental health services, funding programs like Peacemakers and Indy Peace Fellowship, and establishing the city’s first clinician-led 911 response team to address the root causes of violent crime.

2. South Bend:

– South Bend has been working on crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) to discourage criminal behavior and enhance visibility to deter offenders.

– The city has Crime Prevention Officers in each of its six districts, focusing on engaging and educating the community about crime prevention initiatives.

3. Evansville:

– Evansville has been implementing community-level strategies to reduce high-risk homicide rates, particularly among young males in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods.

– The city has been focusing on alternative justice strategies that combine the threat of sanctions with strengthening social service provisions to reduce lethal violence.

These cities are actively engaging in a combination of law enforcement efforts, community engagement, and social programs to address the underlying causes of crime and enhance public safety. By investing in violence reduction strategies, community outreach, and innovative approaches to crime prevention, these cities are striving to create safer environments for their residents.


In conclusion, the recent report highlighting the most dangerous cities in Central Indiana sheds light on the pressing need for comprehensive strategies to combat crime and enhance safety in these areas. By prioritizing community engagement, law enforcement efforts, and social programs, there is hope for a brighter and safer future for the residents of these cities. It is imperative for local authorities and stakeholders to work together towards creating a safer environment for all individuals in Central Indiana.

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