69-Year-Old Woman Killed in Robbery Attempt at Fashion Island, Newport Beach

A 69-year-old woman was killed during a robbery attempt on Tuesday afternoon at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, according to police.

Officers arrived near the Barnes & Noble bookstore around 3:30 p.m. The woman and her husband were walking when two suspects approached and tried to rob them, leading to a struggle.

The suspects attempted to flee in a white Toyota Camry. One suspect ran on foot but re-entered the car, and during this, the car struck the woman, causing her fatal injuries. Initially, it was thought she had been shot, but police later confirmed she was hit by the car. No one was shot during the incident.

During a press conference, police mentioned that one of the suspects dragged the woman on the street during the robbery.

Three suspects were arrested after a brief chase. One was caught in Cypress, and two were arrested in South Gate, Los Angeles County.

A news helicopter showed Newport Beach police surrounding a home in South Gate, with some officers aiming their guns at the back of the house.

A nearby store employee recalled the chaos. She said a woman and her daughter ran into her store, shouting about a shooter. The store locked down for about an hour, with many scared customers inside, before they were allowed to leave. The employee described it as a very frightening experience.

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