A Small Illinois Town is Suddenly the 3rd Most Dangerous in State

Illinois is a state with a diverse population, culture, and economy. It is home to the bustling city of Chicago, the historic capital of Springfield, and the scenic Shawnee National Forest. However, it is also a state with a high crime rate, ranking 19th among the most dangerous states in the US.

While some of the crime hotspots are well-known, such as Chicago and Aurora, there is one small town that has recently emerged as a surprising contender for the most dangerous place in Illinois. That town is Metropolis, a city of about 6,000 people located in the southern tip of the state.

What makes Metropolis so dangerous?

Metropolis is best known for its association with the fictional superhero Superman, who is said to live and work in a city of the same name. The town has a giant statue of Superman, a museum dedicated to him, and an annual festival celebrating his legacy. However, behind this comic book facade, there is a dark reality of crime and violence.

According to the latest FBI crime statistics, Metropolis ranked third among the most dangerous cities in Illinois in 2023, with a violent crime rate of 1,543 per 100,000 residents. This is more than four times the national average of 366 per 100,000 residents. Last year, there were 93 violent crimes and 269 property crimes reported in Metropolis, including 4 murders, 13 rapes, 54 robberies, and 22 aggravated assaults.

One of the main factors behind this surge in crime is the prevalence of drug trafficking and addiction in the area. Metropolis is situated near the border of Kentucky and Tennessee, making it a convenient hub for drug dealers and smugglers.

The town has also been hit hard by the opioid epidemic, with many residents becoming addicted to prescription painkillers and heroin. The drug problem has fueled other crimes, such as theft, burglary, and domestic violence, as well as increased the risk of overdoses and deaths.

How are the residents and authorities coping?

The residents of Metropolis are living in fear and frustration, as they witness their once peaceful town being overtaken by crime and chaos. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the local authorities, who they accuse of being corrupt, incompetent, or indifferent. Some have even taken matters into their own hands, forming vigilante groups or arming themselves for protection.

However, these actions have only added to the tension and violence in the community, creating a cycle of distrust and retaliation. The authorities, on the other hand, have claimed that they are doing their best to combat the crime problem, but face many challenges and limitations. The Metropolis Police Department has a staff of only 18 officers, who are often overwhelmed and outmatched by the criminals.

The department also lacks adequate resources, equipment, and training, making it difficult to conduct effective investigations and arrests. The police chief has appealed for more funding and support from the state and federal government, but has received little response or assistance.


Metropolis is a small Illinois town that has suddenly become the third most dangerous city in the state, due to a high rate of violent and property crimes. The town’s crime problem is largely driven by the rampant drug trafficking and addiction in the area, which has also affected the quality of life and well-being of the residents.

The residents and authorities are struggling to cope with the situation, but face many obstacles and challenges. The town needs urgent and comprehensive intervention from the higher levels of government, as well as the cooperation and participation of the community, to restore order and safety. Otherwise, Metropolis may soon lose its status as the home of Superman, and become the home of super villains.

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