Alabama Business Announces Further Workforce Reductions

Alabama-based company Landing has undergone its third round of layoffs this week, marking the third set of job cuts since October of the previous year.

Landing specializes in renting apartments with flexible leases and manages a nationwide network of fully furnished apartments through a membership model. In 2021, the company moved its headquarters from California to Birmingham, Alabama, following approvals for incentives by the Birmingham City Council and Jefferson County commissioners. These incentives amounted to up to $1,632,000 in exchange for Landing bringing 816 jobs to Alabama.

Since the relocation, the company has experienced multiple rounds of layoffs.

According to, “In October 2022, Landing announced the layoff of 110 employees nationwide, along with the reshuffling of another 70 positions to different locations. Subsequently, additional layoffs, an unspecified number, occurred in December.”

The company released a statement, stating, “Landing has undergone significant changes over the past year. We have expanded into new verticals, offering more choices to our members. Simultaneously, operational needs across various departments have shifted, leading us to the challenging decision of reducing certain roles, including some temporary and seasonal positions.


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