This California City Has One of the Highest Violent Crime Rates in America

California city with highest violent crime rate

California’s most dangerous cities. Despite its size, Emeryville reports a violent crime rate of 11.24 per 1,000 residents, surpassing that of many larger cities in the state. The Nature of Crime in Emeryville Additionally, the city faces a concerning property crime rate of 165.71 per 1,000 residents, encompassing offenses such as burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle … Read more

Local Female Firefighters Vital to SCA Team in Alaska

Local Female Firefighters Among SCA Team Protecting Alaska's Wildlands

A group of 10 female firefighters from the Student Conservation Association (SCA) spent their summer in Alaska engaged in wildland firefighting. Operating in two teams of five during the warm Alaskan season, they were tasked with clearing and safeguarding forest areas near the Ikheenjik River, approximately 70 miles northeast of Fairbanks. The primary objective was … Read more

This Texas City Has Been Named the Most Miserable in the State

This Texas City Has Been Named the Most Miserable in the State

Texas is a large and diverse state with many attractions and opportunities for its residents. However, not all cities in the Lone Star State are equally happy and prosperous. According to a new report from Business Insider, some Texas cities are among the “most miserable” in America. These undesirable locales tend to have some things in … Read more

Alabama Business Announces Further Workforce Reductions

Alabama-based company Landing has undergone its third round of layoffs this week, marking the third set of job cuts since October of the previous year. Landing specializes in renting apartments with flexible leases and manages a nationwide network of fully furnished apartments through a membership model. In 2021, the company moved its headquarters from California … Read more

Cold Snap Spurs Surge in Emergency Shelter Requests

Russ Partridge, the executive director of Westerly’s WARM Center and Wakefield’s Welcome House, receives three to four calls a day from individuals and families confronting homelessness. These calls often involve families facing rent hikes beyond their means or being asked to vacate due to a landlord’s plans. As nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, Partridge notes … Read more

Unique Restaurant Concept Coming to Punta Gorda

Later this month in Punta Gorda, two restaurant concepts will be housed under one roof. Seasoned restaurateurs Penny Rowe and Gordon Muir have divided a 2,832-square-foot space by erecting a wall and creating two separate entrances. Their enthusiasm for both food and design is evident in the upcoming opening of Penny’s Diner and Penny’s Speakeasy … Read more

This Georgia City Has the Highest Marijuana Consumption Rate in the America.

This Georgia City Has the Highest Marijuana Consumption Rate in the America.

Marijuana, also known as cannabis, weed, pot, or grass, is one of the most widely used psychoactive substances in the world. According to the United Nations, more than 190 million people consumed marijuana in 2019, making it the most popular drug after alcohol and tobacco. However, the legal status of marijuana varies widely across different … Read more