Couillon Of The Day

Have you ever heard a story about somebody doing something that makes you say, “What were they thinking?” Or maybe, they weren’t thinking at all…

Double J combs the headlines from around the world and comes up with the “Couillon of the Day.” People do crazy things everyday, but some just deserve to be honored as the Couillon of the Day.

cod mugshot

They’re Still Eating Tide Pods

Well, the Tide Pod-eating trend may be over, but don’t tell that to 26-year-old Brandon McVay.  Despite being about 8-months behind the peak of
wanted mugshot

Man Wanted for Stealing Garden Gnomes

44-year-old Barton E. Bishop of Louisville, Kentucky is now a wanted fugitive because he’s addicted to stealing ugly lawn ornaments – namely, GARDEN GNOMES!
mughsot of old white male

Driving Instructor Shows Up Drunk

58-year-old Russell Cohen is a substitute driving instructor in Long Island, New York.  On Saturday morning, he showed up drunk for a driving lesson

Man Turns Himself In For Better Mugshot

20-year-old Ahmad Sahdiq-Mohamed Ibrahim was wanted by the Randall County Sheriff’s Office in northern Texas for Felony Probation Violation for Possession of a CDS. 

Cleaning Ladies Get Drunk & Trash House

29-year-old Genevieve Snow recently hired 2 ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service to clean her Brooklyn apartment.  When she returned home, she found that the cleaning

Woman Shoplifts a Bible

A 30-year-old woman from Peoria, Illinois is our Couillon of the Day.  According to police, the woman tried to shoplift a BIBLE from Walmart. 
mugshot of couple

Couple Tried to Use Hand-Drawn Bills

A couple in Arizona have been arrested after trying to use hand-drawn “funny money.”  Daniel Gillmore and Laura Vetter were found with counterfeit money,
image of weather reporter

Weather Channel’s Silly Explanation

The Weather Channel has issued an explanation in response to criticism that one of their reporters exaggerated the wind gusts of Hurricane Florence on
video game proposal picture

Wedding Proposal in Video Game Fails

A gamer named Tyler Schultz recently asked Insomniac Games to create a proposal inside their Spider-Man video game. They posted ”Maddie Will You Marry