Court Dismisses Trump’s Claims of Judge’s Wife’s Posts, Finding No Evidence to Support Accusations

The social media posts that former President Donald Trump claimed were made by the wife of the judge in his New York fraud trial were confirmed by a court spokesperson to not be hers.

According to Al Baker, spokesperson for the New York Office of Court Administration, “Justice Engoron’s wife has not sent social media posts regarding the former president. They are not hers. She does not have an X, formerly Twitter, account,” as reported by CBS News.

Trump had shared images on his Truth Social platform, alleging that they were posts from Judge Arthur Engoron’s wife. The posts, created using artificial intelligence, depicted Trump in various scenarios. In a subsequent post, Trump accused Judge Engoron’s wife of being “Trump Hating” and claimed she, along with Engoron’s law clerk, had taken control of the trial against him.

The images, initially shared by conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer, were claimed to belong to Mrs. Engoron’s private X account, which has since been deleted, as per a CBS News review. The Internet Archive revealed that the account was created in 2021.

Trump’s social media posts related to the ongoing trial have faced scrutiny since October. A gag order was issued by Judge Engoron on October 3, restricting Trump’s comments on the court’s staff. The order was expanded to include attorneys after Trump continued commenting on Engoron’s clerk. Trump was fined $15,000 for violating the order.

Although the gag order was briefly lifted during an appeal, it was reinstated by a state appeals court on Thursday. Notably, Trump’s posts about Engoron’s family were made during the lifted gag order.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment. In the ongoing fraud trial, Trump, his two adult sons, and their company have been found liable for fraud, accused of misrepresenting assets to banks and insurers for a profit of at least $250 million.

The trial continues with allegations related to falsification of business records, conspiracy, and insurance fraud. Trump is expected to testify on Dec. 11, serving as the final witness for his defense after over two months of trial.


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