Delaware is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know About

Delaware is a small state with a rich history and culture. But did you know that it also has a hidden ghost town that few people have ever visited?

The Story of Fort Delaware

Fort Delaware is a former military fortress located on Pea Patch Island, in the middle of the Delaware River. It was built in 1815 to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia from enemy attacks. During the Civil War, it served as a prison for Confederate soldiers and political prisoners. It was also used as a training camp and a quarantine station for immigrants.

The fort was abandoned in 1944, after World War II, and became a state park in 1951. However, the island was not accessible to the public until 1992, when a ferry service was established. Today, visitors can explore the fort and its surroundings, which include a museum, a nature trail, and a wildlife refuge.

The Mystery of the Ghost Town

But there is more to Pea Patch Island than the fort. On the northern end of the island, there is a forgotten town that once housed the families of the soldiers and workers who lived and worked at the fort. The town, known as Delaware City, had about 300 residents at its peak, and featured a school, a church, a post office, a hotel, and a general store.

The town was abandoned in the 1920s, when the fort was no longer in use. The buildings were left to decay, and nature reclaimed the land. The town was never demolished, and its ruins still remain hidden in the woods. Only a few people know about the existence of the ghost town, and even fewer have seen it.

The Future of the Island

Pea Patch Island is a fascinating place that offers a glimpse into the past. It is also a valuable habitat for many species of birds, especially herons and egrets, which nest on the island. The island is protected by the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation, which aims to preserve its historical and natural resources.

However, the island is also facing some challenges, such as erosion, vandalism, and climate change. The fort and the town are in need of restoration and maintenance, and the wildlife is threatened by invasive plants and predators. The island needs more funding and support from the public and the government to ensure its survival and conservation.


Delaware is home to an abandoned town that most people don’t know about. It is a hidden gem that reveals a lot about the state’s history and culture. It is also a beautiful and diverse place that supports a variety of wildlife. Pea Patch Island is a treasure that deserves to be explored and appreciated by more people.

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