Driving Down This Haunted Arizona Road May Give You Nightmares

If you are looking for a thrill, you might want to take a drive down one of the most haunted roads in Arizona. The road is called Slaughterhouse Canyon Road, and it is located near Kingman, in the northwest part of the state. The road leads to a place called Slaughterhouse Canyon, also known as Luana’s Canyon, where a gruesome legend has been passed down for generations.

The Legend of Slaughterhouse Canyon

According to the legend, in the late 1800s, a family of gold miners lived in a cabin in the canyon. The father would go out for weeks at a time to look for gold, leaving his wife and children behind. One day, he did not return, and the family ran out of food. The mother, driven mad by hunger and despair, killed her children and then herself. Some say she wore a wedding dress when she committed the horrific act.

Ever since then, people have reported hearing the screams of the mother and the children in the canyon, especially at night. Some have even seen the ghost of the mother, still in her wedding dress, wandering the canyon, looking for her husband. Others have felt a cold chill, a sense of dread, or a feeling of being watched.

The Road to Slaughterhouse Canyon

To get to Slaughterhouse Canyon, you have to drive down Slaughterhouse Canyon Road, which is a dirt road that winds through the desert. The road is not well-maintained, and it can be rough and bumpy. You will need a high-clearance vehicle, and preferably a four-wheel drive. You will also need a map or a GPS, as the road is not well-marked, and there are many forks and dead ends.

The road is about 10 miles long, and it takes about an hour to drive. Along the way, you will see some abandoned buildings, old cars, and other signs of human activity. You might also encounter some wildlife, such as coyotes, snakes, or scorpions. The road is very isolated, and there is no cell phone service. You will be on your own, so make sure you have enough gas, water, and supplies.

The Haunted Cabin in Slaughterhouse Canyon

At the end of the road, you will reach the entrance to Slaughterhouse Canyon. There is a gate that blocks the access to the canyon, but you can park your car and walk around it. You will then see a trail that leads to the cabin where the family lived and died. The cabin is a wooden structure that is partially collapsed and covered with graffiti. Inside, you will find some old furniture, clothes, and other items that belonged to the family. You will also feel a creepy atmosphere, as if something is watching you.

If you dare, you can explore the cabin and the surrounding area, but be careful not to disturb anything. You might also want to bring a flashlight, as the canyon can get very dark. And be prepared to hear some noises, such as footsteps, whispers, or screams. Some people have reported seeing apparitions, orbs, or shadows. Others have experienced physical phenomena, such as cold spots, scratches, or pushes. And some have felt an overwhelming sense of fear, sadness, or anger.


Slaughterhouse Canyon Road is one of the most haunted roads in Arizona, and it leads to one of the most haunted places in the state. The road and the canyon are steeped in a tragic and terrifying legend that has haunted many people for decades. If you are looking for a scary adventure, you might want to take a drive down this road, but be warned: you might get more than you bargained for. Driving down this haunted Arizona road may give you nightmares, or worse.

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